Challenge Ya mind
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Fine the lifestyle you've been searching for!!

Triathlon Training

I have always had a love for fitness and sports, particularly cycling, which I have avidly pursued for over 20 years. Two years ago I decided to challenge myself a bit further by training and participating in my first triathlon. Since then my passion for the sport has continued to grow and I am still training and now actively participate in triathlons on a regular basis. Because of my passion for fitness and health, I've decided to follow my dreams and pursue a career in the fitness industry where I can share my passion and knowledge with others that are interested, but may not know where or how to start a fitness and health program for themselves. I believe that, “your mind is the only limiting factor that is stopping you from achieving your goals.”

As a certified professional, I am completely focused on providing personal training and nutritional consultation services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  Together we will personalize a program to meet your individual needs.  I will do everything I can to exceed your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I'm positive that I will be able to tailor a program that is customized specifically to suit your goals. 

I am extremely determined and motivated to help people transform their lives. Call now to set up a complimentary training session to get you on the road to finding the lifestyle you've been searching for!  It's time to Challenge Ya mind and find the lifestyle you've been searching for.